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Black Background


Welcome to Black Edfluencers-United (BE-U),

We are a collective group of community-minded people who are deeply concerned about systemic racism and disproportionality in education. We seek to uplift the plight and value of Black educators who are committed to effectively educating Black children. Therefore, our vision is to Serve Black Educators, Influence Others, and Impact Black Children. 


I am inviting you to join a real movement driving political change in education. I say political change because we have come to the realizations that we need  to activate and organize around an agenda that produces federal, state and local laws that are beneficial to our beautiful Black students.  


I hope that after visiting our website you are inspired to join us. We  have four committees dedicated to moving our vision forward and look forward to you building with us. Our four committees are comprised of Advocacy, Policy, Capacity, and Culture and Community. Please visit our committee pages and see the wonderful work that each committee is engaged in. I am certain  that you will find something within the context of their work that speaks to you core values and you will be prompted to get involved. No contribution is too small.


Lastly, as President of BE-U,  I am deeply honored to represent the work of our Executive Board, Board of Directors, and Committee Members. The time is now for us to unite around an agenda that holds everyone accountable for the effective education of Black students.  

Join the movement.


 Be Bold, Be Brave, and most importantly BE-U!


-Dr. Shango Blake, President 

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Nationally known as the Hip Hop Principal


Nationally known as the Hip Hop Principal, Dr. Shango A. Blake-CEO of TRU SK Consultants, LLC is a much sought after speaker about issues in urban education. His focus extends beyond pioneering unique collaborations between students, teachers, parents, and the community; creating and sustaining a vibrant academic atmosphere including his successful tenure as a New York City Principal. He has proven to be a true renaissance educator. As a Principal, Dr. Blake saw a profound need to institute drastic and creative changes to improve his school’s failing health. Dr. Blake initiated a bold and daring self-created project to integrate a conceptualized Hip-Hop based educational program. This program led to the creation of:

  • A new curriculum model that included teacher development, parent involvement, and school/community collaboration.

  • His school going from one of the lowest-performing schools in the district to number one in reading and math.

In addition, for his innovative work in urban educational reform, the Mayor of Yonkers, The City Council of Yonkers, and The Westchester County Legislators honored Dr. Blake. He also received three proclamations citing June 6, 2001 as Shango Blake Day. Dr. Shango Blake was also honored by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority with the Innovative Educator Award. As Chair of the Education and Youth Committee of the Million Man March Coordinating Council of Queens, Dr. Shango Blake has been responsible for:

  • The exposure and placement of hundreds of High School students to Historically Black College and Universities

  • Resolving violent conflict between rival gang members 

  • Organizing Youth Empowerment days

Dr. Blake’s core belief and value is that the best and brightest of America’s students can be found in our inner cities. However, they often have to overcome social barriers that students in more affluent communities do not. This is why his work is grounded in supporting urban school districts leaders and school principals.


Dr. Blake is the former chair of the Education Committee for the Universal Hip Hop Museum. He also sits on its advisory board along with Roxanne Shante and has worked closely with Kurtis Blow who is the Chair of the museum.

Raymond & Rosa Parks Institute for Self-Development, Former Board Member

New York State Minority Business Coalition (NYSMBC) President

Dr. Blake has also done research and is an expert on Hip Hop and Education. The name of his study is: Transformational Leadership: Transmitting an Educational Reform Agenda in a Low-Performing Urban Middle School Using Innovative Strategies, such as Hip-Hop and High Interest Curriculum!


  • Oprah Winfrey

  • People Magazine

  • 98.7 Kiss FM

  • The Joey Reynolds Show

  • WABC channel 7 news

  • WCBS

  • Channel 2

  • Vibe Magazine

  • The Tribeca Film Festival &His work has been used as a national model by HBO

  • Host of the Classroom Hip Hop 101 W/ Dr. Blizzy

  • WBLS The Open Line


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